Investment Planning

Belgian-Alliance Credit Union wants our members to achieve financial freedom and security. We are dedicated to working with you to make your dreams become a reality.

We offer Wealth Management Services at all of our branches via our in-house Wealth Management Advisor. Services include investment planning, Business Investment Services and Mutual Funds*, among others.

Our in-house Wealth Management Advisor will work with you to develop a personal strategy by analyzing your needs, determining and initiating a plan of action, and assisting you with a recommendation of investment products which best suit your individual goals and objectives. There is no obligation to you - it is our way of saying thank you. You can make an appointment with our Wealth Management Advisor via email or by contacting your branch.

*Mutual Funds are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Unless otherwise stated, mutual fund securities and cash balances are not covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation or by any other government deposit insurer that insured deposits in credit unions. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.